1. My friend Richie from an awesome little band called Up Down Up … check ‘em out!

  2. Can anybody guess what these are pictures of?

    Santa Monica

  3. My beautiful ranuculus is blooming :)

  4. I heart brown freckled eggs.

  5. Fungi at the Farmers Market

  6. Just letting the world pass him by

    Chinatown, Los Angeles

  7. More farmers market finds; Asparagus, purple baby artichokes, and romanesco broccoli. Yum!

    Santa Monica

  8. My current food addiction is DK Donuts…. especially the maple glazed buttermilk brick and apple fritters. Sooooooo delicious! :)

    Santa Monica

  9. Blooming Tea

    My Apartment

  10. Mmmmmmmmmm coffee.

    Intelligentsia on Abbott Kinney, VeniceĀ 

  11. I like the reflection of the birds on the wall.

    Culver Hotel, Culver City

  12. The horse she rides.

    Littleton, CO

  13. Up close and personal

    Littleton, CO