1. Happy faces

    Venice and Downtown Los Angeles

  2. Unhappy faces

    Culver City Bus and Downtown Los Angeles

  3. View from below

    Los Angeles

  4. The world went and got itself in a big damn hurry

    Abbott Kinney, Venice

  5. My little robot friend


  6. Too ugly to prostitute

    Venice Beach

  7. Misery

    Back of a dressing room door in Urban Outfitters, Santa Monica

  8. David

    Silverlake, California

  9. Steve

    Long Beach, California

  10. Chemical Imbalance

    Falmouth, Massachusettes

  11. But what is the question?

    Santa Monica

  12. Gold Hill

    Gold Hill, Colorado - September 2012

  13. Snowy Hedge

    Denver, Colorado - January 2013

  14. Bang.

    Found a container of old picture cd’s the other day… it’s been fun digging through the memories! Also, this means the next few posts will probably be older photo’s. Newer ones to come soon though!

    Falmouth, Massachusetts - Circa 2003 (Maybe)