1. This spot, was enchanting. You emerge from a thick tunnel of pine trees to this open area, with snowy peaks in every direction.The only two sounds cutting through the soft silence were a small creek, and snow falling. Truly an awe inspiring moment.

    Jones Pass, Part II. 

    Jones Pass Road, Colorado - September 2013

  2. It was just beginning to snow.

    Jones Pass, Part I

    Jones Pass Road, Colorado - September 2013

  3. The low clouds were slowly creeping between two peaks, consuming all in their path.

    Hwy. 40, Colorado - September 2013

  4. It was astonishingly foggy heading West into the mountains on I-70 yesterday. 

    Somewhere along I-70, Colorado - September 2013

  5. So, this isn’t a spectacular photo or anything, but it makes me laugh every time I see it, so it’s getting posted. 

    I had been climbing all over these rocks in hopes of getting an even better view of the surrounding mountains and while up there, I thought, “Hey! What a great place to take a picture of myself”. I have no clue what prompted this, as I’m not generally one to take selfies while on top of mountains, but anyways, I digress. Since I was the only one up there, I ended up balancing my camera on the rocks and setting the timer. Right then, a huge gust of wind comes blowing on through, deciding it wanted to try and knock my camera off the rock. 

    Long story short, this is a shot of me, right as I’m about to lunge forward to try and save my camera from impending doom. 

    And that concludes my rather pointless story. 

  6. Rocky Mountain National Park, in black and white.

    Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado - June 2013

  7. Rocky Mountain National Park, in color. 

    Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado - June 2013

  8. Cloud of impending doom… complete with rumbling thunder!

  9. Howe fire engine hood ornament.

    Estes Park, Colorado - June 2013

  10. He was distraught because he couldn’t remember the name of the traditional Norwegian dish of fish soaked in salt and lye.

    For those of you who have never heard of this disgusting dish, its lutefisk. 

    Denver, Colorado - May 2013

  11. Once again, I find myself in Los Angeles due to work. After a crazy week, it’s nice to sit and watch such a beautiful sunset :)


  12. Anonymous asked: We haven't seen anything new in a while. Everything ok?

    Hello there! 

    Thanks for checking in on me :) I took an unintentional hiatus this summer while visiting my family back on the East Coast, and then road tripping back to Colorado.

    I’ll be back in action as soon as I finish sorting through all the photo’s I took… which should be fairly soon. :)


  13. The Stanley Hotel.

    Estes Park, Colorado - June 2013

  14. Loving how bright the moon is tonight! 

    Littleton, Colorado - June 2013

  15. Spending the day in Rocky Mountain National Park is truly a beautiful way to spend the first official day of summer. 

    Highest point of elevation today was 12,183 feet… I think that’s a new record for me!