1. Watering my jade plants. 

    Denver, Colorado - December 2013

  2. Dried yucca.

    Littleton, Colorado - December 2013

  3. Last night’s sunset.

    Littleton, Colorado - December 2013

  4. I’ve always thought the light this time of year to be harsh and bitter.
    But I’m beginning to realize there’s a sort of delicate nature to it. 
    Perhaps it’s because the daylight is fleeting, that it seems so fragile.

    Littleton, Colorado - December 2013

  5. Tossing down bales of grass. 

    Littleton, Colorado - November 2013

  6. Someone stole the ‘A’ from Highlands. 

    Denver, Colorado - November 2013

  7. Thanks guys!! :)

  8. In the midst of Autumn.

    Denver, Colorado - November 2013

  9. Plowing the bike path.

    Denver, Colorado - November 2013

  10. Perfect little snowflakes were falling from the sky this morning.

    Denver, Colorado - November 2013

  11. A few photo’s from my walk home tonight.

    Denver, Colorado - November 2013

  12. I feel like this pin perfectly represents my life right now. 

    Sorry tumblr, unfortunately this has meant photography and subsequently this blog as well. It will all change soon though :)

  13. Haha :) Everything does taste better homemade, that’s for sure!

  14. Prepping the crust.
    Mise en place.
    Bacon, sauteed onions, and swiss cheese.
    The finished product.

    The making of quiche lorraine.

    My apartment, Denver, Colorado - October 2013

  15. Hanging out at Pablo’s is always a fun way to spend time with friends :)

    Denver, Colorado - October 2013