1. Green Gradient.

    Littleton, Colorado - March 2014

  2. Golden and Grey. 

    Littleton, Colorado - March 2014

  3. The light snow was steadily blowing in from the north. 

    Littleton, Colorado - March 2014

  4. Another grey, foggy, snowy, cold morning… perfect for walking around with a camera! 

    Littleton, Colorado - March 2014

  5. There’s another session tomorrow but after that I think it’s gone until next year!

  6. From waiting in line at Falling Rock to drinking Pliny the Elder to the Younger… Today has thus far been a good day :)

  7. Finally joined the masses and started an Instagram… You can find me @delightfulspekkio for more day to day pictures :)

    Bonus points will be rewarded if you get the name reference without googling it.

  8. There’s a little bit of green hiding under the snow.

  9. The thicker the peel, the harder it is to turn it into a twist. This one just ended up as a swirl instead.

  10. Trying out a drink called Aviation; it’s comprised of Gin, Maraschino Liqueur, Creme de Violette, and fresh lemon juice.

    Really, really good guys. Besides. Look at how pretty the color is! :)

  11. What a lovely afternoon to walk along the creek.

  12. Fun with shadows on my way to work this morning.

    Denver, Colorado - December 2013

  13. The making of Christmas cards.

  14. Interesting thought.

    On Broadway, Denver, CO - December 2013

  15. Cherry Creek has been steaming in the early morning sun.

    Denver, Colorado - December 2013