1. Road Trip, Day 3

    My 92 year old Great Great Uncle really loves cats. Like, REALLY loves them. 

    Fort Atikinson, WI - August 2013

  2. Road Trip, Day 2

    Our overnight stay corresponded with their street fair. We had a lot of fun wandering around downtown, soaking up sun and enjoying some damn good ice cream! :)  

    Part 2 of 2.

    Wauseon, OH - August 2013

  3. Road Trip, Day 2

    Every summer growing up, my family would take a road trip to Wisconsin to visit my Great Grandparents and Great Great Aunts and Uncles. And every summer on our way West, we would stay in Wauseon. Besides being conveniently located for stopping overnight, I think my Grandma chose to stay here for old times sake.

    Part 1 of 2.

    Wauseon, OH - August 2013

  4. Road Trip, Day 1

    Leaving is always bittersweet. After 5 weeks away I was definitely ready to go home and spend some quiet alone time in my apartment. But, after spending so much time with my family, I knew I would miss them even more than usual. And then there’s the ocean. As much as I love the mountains, salt water runs in my veins.

    August, 2013 - Bourne, MA


  5. Hey! Listen!

    The road trip portion of this adventure is about to commence. In case you don’t remember me mentioning in an earlier post, this is a trip I undertook with my Grandma. In a span of six days, we traveled from Falmouth, MA to Denver, CO.

    I’m going to break it down by day of the trip, but there may be multiple posts per day, to account for multiple locations or different feels/vibes of the photo’s themselves. I’m not entirely sure, because I haven’t yet put together all the photo sets. Just wanted to give you a little heads up…. because, I felt like it… so there. Deal with it. :)

  6. Just before heading to the rehearsal dinner - Cape Neddick, ME
    We're on the roof! - Falmouth, MA
    Bike ride home, after going for a swim. Turns out we biked 18 miles that day! - West Falmouth, MA
    The morning after our all night fishing trip. - Vineyard Haven, MA
    Because everyone needs a Mississippi River selfie, right? - Marquette, IA
    Aaaaaaannnnddd back in Colorado. Summer vacation is done. Kind of.

    Best of: Summer Selfies.

    Because this post was definitely necessary, right? Okay, I thought so too.
  7. The ever lovely Bride & Groom, who just so happen to be two of my favorite people ever.- Cape Neddick, ME
    Get off my lawn!! - York, ME
    Derp - York, ME
    They're, ummmm, special. Yeeeeaaaahhhhh. - Falmouth, MA
    Fuck yeah biking! - West Falmouth, MA
    My best friend Annikka and I, whom I've known for literally my entire life. And I mean literally all 26 years of it...she's basically family. - West Falmouth, MA
    Annikka and her Mom aka my second Mom. - West Falmouth, MA
    Kevin, chilling at the Greek Festival, after having just devoured some bomb ass Greek food. - Barnstable, MA
    My Dad, playing at the Town Tavern. - Falmouth, MA

    Best of: Friends and family. 

    A lot of photo’s from my time on the Cape just ended up being derpy photo’s of my family, and therefore didn’t seem blog worthy to me. But, I thought it would be fun to at least post some taken on special and memorable days.
  8. My friend Kevin came up from NYC to spend a couple days on the Cape with me; besides eating A LOT of seafood and drinking beers on jetty’s, we also took him overnight fishing on the Vineyard. This was our sunrise the following morning, while waiting to catch the first ferry home and finally get some sleep!

    Vineyard Haven, MA - July 2013

  9. Late night bus ride.

    Vineyard Haven, MA - July 2013

  10. Vineyard Bound.

    Somewhere between Woods Hole and Vineyard Haven, MA - July 2013

  11. Fog on the Fourth of July is not conducive to good firework viewing.

    Falmouth, MA - July 2013

  12. Daily catch, before and after

    P.S. I was hung over and half asleep when I had this fish thrust into my hands. 

    P.P.S. Globviously I did not take that top photo…

    Falmouth, MA - July 2013

  13. I’m not sure why, but the word “intrepid” always comes to mind when I think of Coastal Maine.

    Cape Neddick, ME - June, 2013


  14. As many of you  like two of you know, last summer I spent 5 weeks back home in Massachusetts. During this time I attended a friends’ wedding in Maine, hung out with my goofy family, played a lot of animal crossing, went swimming and bike riding, spent time in Vermont with my Grandparents and extended family, and then finished it off by road trippin’ with my Grandma back to good ol’ Colorado.  

    I never got around to posting any of the photo’s and thought it was finally time! So the next week or so will be highlights from my vacation and road trip.

    Enjoy! :)

  15. "You belong, among the wildflowers. You belong in a boat out at sea.

    You belong with your love on your arm. You belong somewhere you feel free.”

    Maine - June 2013